Moon And Past

Of The Day – Flash

Kavinsky, Top Gear and the beautiful 1956 Mercedes. Sometimes, it's not the simple things in life. Song: Video: Photo: 


Of The Day – Dogs

In this holiday season, there are plenty of things that can change. Clothes, how long days and nights are, festivities, but do you know what doesn't change? Dogs. Enjoy. Video: Browse: Having an off day? Click here.

Bits & Pieces – Metamorphosis

There was a time when you had just learned to walk. If you don’t remember that, move on to when you first started playing, when you first started school, when you had your first punishment, when for the first time,... Continue Reading →

Of The Day – Moving

Bryan Adams, 90's Cartoon Network and one of the more interesting Gifs we've seen in a long while. It will make more sense in today's Bits & Pieces. Song: Browse: A revolving globe of Jupiter. Click here. Photo: 

On The Beat – Dope

Cole recently released his new album; '4 Your Eyez Only'. One of the songs that stood out is today’s song of the day, which was based on a true story. Elite, one of the executive producer of the new album,... Continue Reading →

Of The Day – Cole World

While the song of the day may not be very festive, we made sure to include something celebratory, or well, Christmassy. We think. Song: Video:

Bits & Pieces – To Taste, To Feel and To Try

There are people that like Bob Dylan, and there are people that don’t. There are people that like a Ferrari, and there are people that don’t. There are people that like whiskey, and there are people that don’t. Instead, these... Continue Reading →

Of The Day – Bob’s Back

Bob Dylan and a beautiful video of the coral reefs, what's left to say? Today's Bits & Pieces is one to lookout for. Song: Video: Photo: 

Of The Day – Rain

Winter solstice, meteor shower and November Rain. One of them is a song, and the other two are the amazing links of the day. Song: Video: Browse: A gif of the difference between winter solstice and summer solstice. Click here.

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