fullsizerender-3You only get one chance to make a first introduction. Well, we suppose this is ours.  We’re very proud to have had 1,500 visitors in our first month.
And we can’t help but say it again, Moon and Past is for everyone. The whole idea behind this is to find something you like, from songs to posts. You can take a break. We encourage you to share with us.

Our content is always changing, but the idea behind it is not. Moon And Past is a break. And we hope you do find your daily retrieve here.

  • Of The Day has a new song and/or video, link or a photo. While these were meant to be the inspirations for what I’ve written, from feedback, now it’ll be updated to whatever stimulates me.img_0507
    Featured Photo on the right, updated daily with our photo of the day.
  • To The Moon has Hall of Shame, On The Beat and Bits & Pieces. Writings inspired by our ‘Of The Day’. Each varying from the other.
  • Smokables is for your short break. Quotes, short poems, riddles and facts.
  • Illuminance is for you. For you to share your thoughts, for you to gain another perspective of things, of life. It’s only self-help if you use it.