Moon And Past


To The Moon

Grammy is a Joke

Grammys is not an award ceremony for everyone. It does not celebrate talent or art, but resorts to the top charts and most views on YouTube. We talked about it more on here. The image above are the texts sent... Continue Reading →


Bits & Pieces – Metamorphosis

There was a time when you had just learned to walk. If you don’t remember that, move on to when you first started playing, when you first started school, when you had your first punishment, when for the first time,... Continue Reading →

On The Beat – Dope

Cole recently released his new album; '4 Your Eyez Only'. One of the songs that stood out is today’s song of the day, which was based on a true story. Elite, one of the executive producer of the new album,... Continue Reading →

Bits & Pieces – To Taste, To Feel and To Try

There are people that like Bob Dylan, and there are people that don’t. There are people that like a Ferrari, and there are people that don’t. There are people that like whiskey, and there are people that don’t. Instead, these... Continue Reading →

Hall of Shame – How Else?

Do you remember the advices that people give, without any prior information about what you should or shouldn’t do? It's hard to understand what the basis of this advice is. Sure they can mean well, but when they insist that... Continue Reading →

Bits & Pieces – Fire

People often ask why fire is not considered alive. It feeds, it grows and it reacts. But rather than focusing it isn’t alive, (It has no cell) but why people are so quick to wonder why it’s alive.  Why so... Continue Reading →

Bits & Pieces – You

Have you ever reacted in a way you wish you hadn’t? Have you ever given a compliment that you didn’t mean? Have you ever been in a situation where you’d think of doing one thing, but you would be doing... Continue Reading →

Bits & Pieces – For The Weirdos

There will always be roads for you to take that have rarely been taken. Roads so old, or so different, that others might tell you not to go through it, but somewhere in your heart, you know you must. You... Continue Reading →

On The Beat – Music

Every generation says the same, the new music is bad, it’s going to lead to madness and it’s the devil’s work. Or something along those lines. But they aren’t talking about all kinds of music, no, because none of the... Continue Reading →

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