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What is Success?

We are all seeking it, in one way or the other, but we never ask what is it that we are looking for. What is success? You wake up, you do what you’re meant to, be it school, college, or... Continue Reading →


Illuminance – New Year Resolutions

Before anything else, we at Moon And Past would like to wish you all a happy new year and that you have a great year ahead. While we are at this subject, let’s talk about new year resolutions. We all... Continue Reading →

Illuminance – Change

You meet someone. They smile, you smile. You talk, they talk. You may share your dreams, and they might share theirs, or you just walk away, or they do. This is life. People come, people go. There are things you’ve... Continue Reading →

Take Risks

I wanted to start illuminance with a major issue. Something that bothers so many around me, something that is holding so many people back, in any city or country I see it in. Issues like a lack of confidence, self-esteem... Continue Reading →

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