We are all seeking it, in one way or the other, but we never ask what is it that we are looking for. What is success? You wake up, you do what you’re meant to, be it school, college, or going to work. You spend your hours building, surviving, and then you come across it. From mere moments to hours, however long it may be, it makes you feel alive. It makes your heart beat faster, it makes you smile, it exhilarates you. It makes working and building worth something more than just surviving.

Then you start looking for more, from the action then to simply enjoy it. We are but humans. It is in our nature to want more. That is how we evolve. And so, you start doing more and more, and expect something in return. Something more than just happiness that you get from your passion, from creating, from talking, from doing whatever it is that you do.
You start yearning from success. But how much do we truly understand success? Is it money, is it being fame? What is success other than the promise of something more? Why do we start putting ourselves in such immense pressure, the kind that moved your bones, with the choice of expecting the world and more, or simply not do what brought us such happiness to begin with? Isn’t five people tuning in to watch your video, or see your painting also recognition? Haven’t human beings from the start of time following their passion and working to survive, side by side?


I understand the desire to be great in what you love, but what is great? Great people have died thinking they were nothing. Is greatness really being the best, the end all, be all of success. Even the greatest players don’t remain the best. Fame is lost by most, and the truly great are never seeking fame to begin with. Success isn’t simply selling your idea for a million dollars, or being with the perfect girl or the perfect body, working on the idea for a week, trying to have real connections or going to the gym for a few days continuously is a important first step, and success in itself.