Before anything else, we at Moon And Past would like to wish you all a happy new year and that you have a great year ahead. While we are at this subject, let’s talk about new year resolutions. We all know what happens. You set a life changing resolution, you crash and you don’t try to get back on the cycle. This new year, do not look for a grand resolution to make, one that you will finally do, against all odds. To fight against the odds, to play against the house, you need all your effort. And truth is, if you’re just making a resolution for the sake of it, well, you’ll find yourself being washed away by the sheer task of it.

Instead, this new year’s, make a small change. It could be anything, but it must be one that either helps you, improves you in the smallest aspect, or brings you happiness. Because truth be told, first helps the latter, and the latter is a breath of cold fresh air, relaxing your skin after a hot day. Happiness that makes you smile, one that you can’t stop after numerous tries. One that shows your gums and brightens the moment, no matter how clean or dirty your teeth may be. Aim for a part of that.


See where it takes you.