There was a time when you had just learned to walk. If you don’t remember that, move on to when you first started playing, when you first started school, when you had your first punishment, when for the first time, your heart raced, when you had your first thought that seemed to pull you down, rather than push you, when you first learned how to drive, when you first witnessed that the moon followed you, the first time you thought it was love, and the first time you thought that your heart can lie, the first time you had to be serious, the first time you had to risk it all, you didn’t suddenly evolve into a new person each time.
There wasn’t a big metamorphosis when you suddenly passed that test, or when you sat in the driver’s seat of a car.


Evolution isn’t like Pokémon, where you just become someone else. Slowly, and slowly, you might change into someone you can’t recognize when compared to someone a few years, months or even weeks down the line. Life is funny that way. Everything that you think you are, is worth a few punches by time itself, away from being someone you can’t recognize. Same with building new pillars. You just never know what you are, just who you are, maybe if you’re lucky. And that doesn’t change by just one small step, like playing or school or job or driving or whatever it is.