There are people that like Bob Dylan, and there are people that don’t. There are people that like a Ferrari, and there are people that don’t. There are people that like whiskey, and there are people that don’t.

Instead, these people may like the Beatles, or someone completely different. A Bugatti, or something completely different. Vodka, or something completely different They may not like lyrics at all, they may not like cars at all and they may not like to drink at all.

But there are another kind of people in this equation, people that are forgotten. The people that like the most audacious of things. People that listen to unheard music, music that you’ve never enjoyed and nobody you’ve ever know that has enjoyed it. Cars that defy logic as to why anyone would want that. Drinks that make you grimace; the ones that make you take a few steps back.


And you may not like the things they do, but just to knock it or criticize it based on your perception, built by what you’ve heard from others, or what you think it may be, is not the way forward. It’s never going to lead you to enlightenment, however enlightened a person can be by these things. It’s never going to give you an actual reason to dislike it, to criticize and even make fun of it.


Being uninformed, is the worst you can be in a world with everything so easily available. If you have the internet, you have the world. If you can’t try it, you can watch it. You can read about it. You can still be informed. You can still be a step away from blind, and false realities.