People often ask why fire is not considered alive. It feeds, it grows and it reacts. But rather than focusing it isn’t alive, (It has no cell) but why people are so quick to wonder why it’s alive.  Why so many people, not just philosophers and pseudo-intellects alike, ask this question, or wonder about this.

For I believe there is a sense of togetherness people feel with fire. It’s warmth. People talk about fire relating it to magic and they use it to talk about a soul. A fiery soul, one that roars with the acts that fill you with excitement. It’s warm. Warm, like the comfort of your bed on a chilly winter day. Warm, like the togetherness when you are with your parents. Warmth, like the hug from someone you love. Warmth, like the beating of your heart and the rush of your blood makes you feel alive.


Warmth is what tells us that we are alive. Warmth not just of the body, but of the soul. And as long as you feel, you will stay warm. From love or hurt, from success or failure. Stay warm, stay alive. For while fire may not be alive, it is surely a necessity, in more ways than one.