You meet someone. They smile, you smile. You talk, they talk. You may share your dreams, and they might share theirs, or you just walk away, or they do. This is life. People come, people go. There are things you’ve done that you remember, and things others have done that you remember. And then there are things you’ve done that you forget, and things others have done that you forget.

It’s the same with everyone. You may be loved, you may be hated, you may be ignored or you may be just existing, but things change. Nothing is for forever, and similarly, anything thing you’re facing now is not going to be forever.


Self-help is easy, and it sells, I can come up with ten amazing ways to change your life that won’t work, but it will sell. You can’t just be told what to do, you need to experience it. It’s like your favorite song, that you keep on repeating because it’s a process. You find a song, and maybe it’s love at first sight, or maybe you work and just click, but things change. That song is may no longer be your favorite. And that is what there is to realize, that it’s your thoughts that shape your personality, your reactions, your mindset. And to change that, you simply first need to accept that it can change.
And whatever happens is not forever.