There will always be roads for you to take that have rarely been taken. Roads so old, or so different, that others might tell you not to go through it, but somewhere in your heart, you know you must. You just have to cross the road. Otherwise it haunts your dreams, one that you can’t shake off no matter what, awfully a lot like the itch that you just can’t scratch.
When this time comes, don’t let the judgement of others wear you down. Don’t let others decide for you. Hell, we are all creeps to one or the other. We are all weird. There is someone out there that does not agree with your lifestyle, no matter what it may be.

Don’t let it stop you. Don’t let it deter you from your goal. You are your own person. And if you’re weird for it, then you are weird. Because the person calling you weird, would be weird to you for not doing what you did.


And if none of us are okay with being different, with being weird, then all of us will fall in some god awful line that wasn’t made for us, but we decided that is how we want to live. Limiting ourselves. And there is no life if it is not shining brightly. With all the heart, from everything within.