Every generation says the same, the new music is bad, it’s going to lead to madness and it’s the devil’s work. Or something along those lines. But they aren’t talking about all kinds of music, no, because none of the genres have disappeared, people are still making them, they are talking about the popular music and how it’s changed. And it’s continuous, even the most ‘hip’ people will finally find a time when the popular music, the music on the radio is no longer what they like.

And most of them can’t accept it. Even me, as someone who loves all kind of music, have found genres that I can’t appreciate. But it isn’t the case of the world ending, or some end-all devastation of music, but simply a case of the world changing.


Relax, dig deep enough and you’ll find something you love. Or you can tell us or tweet us to find any of the music that you’ll like.