Black Hippy is the group formed by the artists under TDE. That is an understatement even though it would be an accurate description, because Black Hippy is much more than just a group. That is like calling 2011’s Barcelona, just a team or saying that the Nazi party were just a right wing group.
Black Hippy consist of some of the best lyricist right now, their songs have multiple different word plays and if you think you’re a fan of hip-hop, remove Drake from your phone, save him for later, if you want, get Lil Yatchy out, and sure, save him for later. I’m not judging.

And now bring up Black Hippy, while they don’t have a full-length project, they are quite a few songs together. And play it. Don’t just hear it, really listen to it. Pay attention to what they are saying, pay attention to how they are saying it. With the group consisting of Ab-Soul, Jay Rock, Schoolboy Q and Kendrick Lamar, you know you’re going to have to pay attention to fully grasp what they are saying. If you enjoy wordplay and hadn’t heard of Black Hippy yet, you are welcome.