I wanted to start illuminance with a major issue. Something that bothers so many around me, something that is holding so many people back, in any city or country I see it in. Issues like a lack of confidence, self-esteem and depression. Things that don’t let you be who you really are.
But for any of that, first you need to understand that everyone makes mistakes. Mistakes are human. If you try to live a life without mistakes, without failure, you’re playing it too safe. Mistakes, rejections and failures are a given of life.

Fake it till you make it is something that is thrown around a lot. Fake it and become someone else? Is that what you want? To not be a representation of all that you’ve learned, all that you’ve been through, but be a character. Because that’s how you know most people. Characters who will try to impress you. They will only try to show their best side.


Take a deep breath, look at the things you want to do. Not just ten years down the line, but everyday things that you wish to do differently. And do it.
Take one day where you decide it’s okay to fail, and just take as many risks as you can. If it’s as big as major life decisions that you are holding off on, not because of preparation but excuses, or as small as what color shirt you want to wear, this different shoe you want to wear, how you want to pass a ball or what you want to say. Fail, make mistakes because you’ll in turn find that it’s okay.

There is no shit storm after your mistake, but simply a chuckle, at worst, an insult, and then people move on. Because everyone is more interested in their own life, just like you are.