People do a lot of silly things. But not all silly things can be criticized. There is one sacred form of art, a dance so spiritual, coming from a place of deep devotion, that it must absolutely not be criticized. It’s much more than just shameful if one does criticize such a sacred tradition. It’s blasphemy.

What sacred tradition you may ask? It’s any person, be it a little kid or a teenage girl, fully grown man or an elderly, anyone can break into the air guitar during any song that has an amazing guitar, be it a solo or in background. They can break into the air guitar almost anywhere.


And if you by any chance, haven’t experienced this wonderful feeling; close the door. Right now. Close it. Play for our song of the day, close your eyes and listen, listen to it all, and pay attention to the guitar during the first half of the song, and live your life. Live like how you were meant to.
Without seriousness, troubles and restrictions, let them fade away for a few moments. Lose yourself in the air guitar, and if you are feeling wild, the air piano and air saxophone are also there in this wonderful song by Bruce Springsteen, featuring in today’s song of the day.