Jermaine Cole is one the most beloved and one of the favorite artists of Moon and Past. So when we heard that he is about to release an album, not in six months, or even a month, but in a week, it has put us in a surreal mood. Happiness that you find after you’ve have the first home cooked meal in months. And we’re sure we are not the only ones.

Cole fans include Jay-Z, Drake, Kevin Durant and even the President, Barack Obama. How a simple person from Fayetteville, North Carolina, found in simple clothes, leading a simple life, without the tweets, without the pictures, without the headlines, grab the attention of everyone, the answer is rather simple; His lyrics. What he is talking about.

Not only can you relate to at least a song in every album, just listening to his story through the album connects you a little more, to him, to the people that he is talking about, about the things he talking about, and there aren’t many people that can do that. It’s storytelling at its finest.



We can’t wait for ‘4 Your Eyez Only’.