Instruments come together to make some of your favorite songs. There is a collective melody, and each instrument alone hides away. But instruments alone are beautiful as well. They all have a melody, a tune they can tell a story through, and any good pianist, drummer or any artist with their instrument can tell a story that to compete with any song that has lyrics.
It’s sad really, people running over themselves to hear a snippet of a catchy hook and a repeated beat, while never noticing what they are running past. The underground music, the music on the streets, on subways, in small bars, in hotels, trying to speak to you, talking about their life, be it through singing, rapping or playing an instrument.

It’s no longer about what you found, but what others are listening to. Finding a new artist and sharing him with your friends, it no longer amounts to much, because that would mean you’re different, you need to know about what everyone else is listening to to fit in.

Give it a go. Who knows what you may find.