The plane crash of Chapecoense, that resulted in the death of 75, and only six survivors, is a story that is much, much more than just headline. It’s easy to read that 75 died, or that there was a death in your city, it is only when someone from your life disappears that you realize what happens when someone dies.

They disappear. Gone, forever. Videos and images have surfaced, the celebration of the team winning, a lonely boy sitting in an empty stadium, the coach’s son, who was a player for the club that forgot his passport and the few players that had stayed behind. These are people, just like you and I. With the final of the cup competition, Copa Sudamericana, none of them would have thought of death.


But it happened. And so can death cross your path, whenever, and that will be it. So stop worrying so much about your bucket list, and do things that you’ve already dreamt of. Because you’ll realize that one thing on your bucket list, would lead to three more. And that is how you began to live to fulfilling life, one that will make you happy from within.