In 2000, Eminem came out with his third studio album called the Marshall Mathers LP. One of the songs, also featuring in our Song of The Day, was Stan. The word has never been more relevant.

Stans are not fans. They are believers, just like a devotee with any God. And so, the person is automatically being put on a pedestal so far high, you can’t see anything wrong. And with another year spent by Stans all over the world defending things like: Arsenal and their annual collapse, Mourinho becoming a fossil, Justin Bieber hitting another fan, Kanye West talking being the only and the most influential person in the world, Trump and Hilary Stans not accepting that both the candidates are lousy, and Drake fans almost getting themselves killed over memes, who would have thought that a word that Eminem coined 16 years ago, would make more and more sense that time goes on?