Easy journey makes for lousy stories. Opponents, enemies and conflict, without these, there is no grand history, there are no great movies and there are no stories. These may not be synonyms but they direct you to the same direction.

If you had the opportunity, would you wish a life without conflict? For you to never face adversaries? How would you live then? How do you improve without a goal to beat? Isn’t a villain necessary for a hero to shine? Don’t you need the Joker and the villains in Gotham for Batman to be Batman?


Would Harry Potter be a wonder without Voldemort? Would Perseus be a great warrior without Medusa? Would Zeus be the big God without Kronos? Would World War 2 be a tale to warn generations to come, without Hitler? You need a villain, a true adversary to self-improve. Self-improvement is an empty exercise without satisfaction, satisfaction that is the sweet when comes from overcoming odds.  Without a villain, who or what do you overcome?

The best at anything, from sports to academics, they come from beating odds. They come from proving others wrong, and that they are right. And you can only do that with an objective to beat. A villain to overcome, or a demon to slay.