What if money could talk? Not in the way it moves the world, but if it could actually tell us its story? What would it say? Would he talk about what he was used for? What things to buy? Would he talk about what he would like to be used in? Finest whiskey, the best cars, high rise penthouses, or perhaps it would be more caring, wanting to be used in medicine or bills. Would it talk about how many kinds of people he has met?


Would he talk about the dreams he has fulfilled? Would there be a hierarchy amongst notes? Would the lower denomination be judged by the higher ones? Was there an equality fight? Do the lower denominations feel bad? Or would it be the higher denomination ones? For they are far more used in shady deals.


Would there be guilt? Would they be judged by different countries? Do they fight? Is Gold there God? Is there any way to find this out?