What all does one need to do to be someone? What all does he need to think, or how does he need to think, to be someone? What is even ‘being someone’? Who are you trying to be?

His name is Mr. X, and to be Mr. X, he need to do this and he need to do this. By the name of it, probably includes making some weird chemicals. But nonetheless, what if he doesn’t do that? Does he no longer remain himself? Is he no longer who he has been, evolving and being, for so many years? Then what becomes of the man he used to be? Will that be a title for another? What about his title? Who takes Mr. Y’s title if he takes Mr. X’s title?


Are we so eager to be someone else, that we don’t respect ourselves? The body that withstood till now, the mind that figured so much out and the soul that tackled so many problems. What happens to all this? Do you just flick a switch and leave everything behind? Just like that? For what, ‘being someone’?


Do you really think that lowly of yourself that you’d abandon yourself oh so quickly? Such is life, I suppose. Always making excuses for what you want to do. To blame another, ‘to not try in case you fail’ mentality that runs amuck.