‘Things were easier back then’ is something we hear all too often. It’s people mixing when they were kids with what was actually happening in the world. It is nostalgia tinted glasses that these people, and most of us have during these times. People are quick to say it was so peaceful, forgetting all the horrors of the world. One needs to ask these questions to the African Americans. To the Jews. The Indians that were still under colonial rule. Countries swallowed with apartheid. What about the millions that died by polio, measles and so many other diseases that are barely prevalent in the world?


Ask a hippie what they ferociously revolted against. Ask a soldier all the terrors he has seen. A war that consumed the whole world. An almost war that threatened the planet and still, there they are and here we are, ‘things were simpler’. Because then we remember how we used to think that the moon was following us in our car. We remember how anybody you met was a friend, that you needed to be told not to trust strangers. We remember when empty swings were the greatest feeling in the world.
The world was full of wonder, that so many of us lose. And there will always be problems. Even now, our world isn’t problem free. But moments of happiness in continuous turmoil are fewer and fewer, and any moment of happiness is one that should be treasured.