Remember when every song was available on the internet without much effort? When almost every song was available on YouTube? When did music become exclusive? When did music shift from talent to just jumping on whatever ‘the newest shit’ is, whatever bandwagon they can get on to become more popular?
Who in their right minds can understand what Future is trying to say? How the hell did Taylor Swift win the album of the year over a society changing album, To Pimp a Butterfly by Kendrick Lamar? How is Lil Yatchy even popular? When did this become the music of the majority?


The companies are trying to turn every popular artist into a particular image? An image of this, or an image of that?
There is life on the internet. There are artists that stay true to themselves, and they much more than anyone else, deserve an ear. Don’t even get us started on how this world changed so much from that of Nirvana’s, who stuck to their roots when asked to remove certain songs from their concerts?
When did the music sell out?