People are quick to say that ‘most people are wolves in sheep’s clothing.’, this is a lie. Wolves travel in packs; they take care of their own while most people have agendas behind everything. Wolves are loyal to their own, people are quick to screw you over, to stab you the second they see that they can get ahead. People often say that the world is filled with assholes, we say that it is a forgotten art. There are bad people in the world, a lot of them, but there are very few assholes left.
Being an asshole is an art. You stay true to yourself. Someone on the opposite side is an asshole, but if he’s giving it his all, you won’t turn around and say he is a coward.
When was the last time you met someone who you didn’t like, and you were honest about it? You don’t need to make them feel bad, or insult them, but people pretend to be friends, resulting in becoming lonelier than ever. How else would you explain so many people feeling alone, in a world that is more connected than ever?

People are quick to twist their beliefs to avoid confrontation, quick to pass a smile rather than state that something upset them, quick to fool others into their own profit, fool people that actually care about them, snakes pretending to be a lion or a dog, whatever and whenever it suits them.


What is it that you believe in? How far are you willing to go to live by your ideals? How many of them are just to make you feel better? Is it really that hard to look in the mirror and accept your reality?