Kid Cudi had recently checked himself into rehab for depression. So nothing brought us more joy than listening and watching to music video he released a few days later. Just watching the video is enough for you to be glad for someone so troubled that he had to check himself into rehab. He’s finding himself and we hope he does.  Nobody deserves to be battling their own self.

Not only does this make us beyond happy for him, but the song itself fills you up with a certain happiness. It’s different, it’s peppy without being obnoxious. It’s groovy. And they are grooving to it. No trying to be hard, or having girls trying to be sexy. Everyone is having fun.
The mood, the lighting, it sucks you in and you’d think you’d fit right in, be it dancing in the middle, or watching from afar, but just close enough to be there. To be a part of something like this.


Plus, his line, ‘I ain’t riding no waves, just making my own waves’, is a big smack at everyone so intent on copying others, without any originality. Any soul.

We love it.