Why is it that trying is never enough? Why is it that if you try and fail, you’re a joke, but if you succeed, there are no questions to be asked? What is succeeding? Is a professional football player a failure in front of a great of the game? Is a rapper a failure if he doesn’t sell as the top seller? Is everything based on money and fame? What about how you are to others? What if the musician is trying to save the world in his own way? What about his actions? What about how he treats animals? Why is money and success the only two measures of a man?


Whatever happened to knowledge, that even kings would become humble enough to ask for? What happened to talent, that kings would shower gold and praise on, rather than already choose a rich one? Why are people jumping to hear the latest from someone popular, but not even give the smaller artists a try?
Why is it that an artist can have a million followers, and even his average work is great, but a man could be talking, singing, rapping, writing or painting life on a railway station or on the street, and he is no one.


A man staying in your house could be the perfect guest, but he’d still be a no one because he isn’t successful in the ways you perceive the world? How does that work? Men like these would throwaway an elephant because it couldn’t fly, would throwaway painite for diamond, for anything that does not glitter, has no value to them.