This is about a guy who is home alone. He is a quiet guy in a small, lonely town. One day, at last it sparked in his mind, he needn’t be lonely. He wouldn’t be lonely. He would get a dog and say ‘it’s mine’. He walks around the blocks to look for a pet shop. He finally finds a shop to buy a pet and stands outside it, looking in. Finally finding the courage, he goes inside the green brown store, there are no books or flyers to help him out. Cats to parrots to dogs to rats, there was a fight inside his solitary head on which to take home.
His heart had nothing to say. He looks around and finds a big dog. Too big to wonder about breed, he needs it now with all his greed. It ran to him, that magical hound. He hugs, smothers and plays with him. The pet shop owner came close a bit. He wished to buy this beast of a dog. The owner says he wishes not. Still wondering what breed it is, he asked the owner ‘what is it?’
The owner stuttered and lost his words, and said his brother gifted him this curse. Too tired to look for another dog, he decides to walk back to his lonely place. He walks back again, at a calmer pace. The night begins to howl its song. He tries to sleep. ‘Ah the pain!’ the loner screams.

His arm begins to torture him; his whole body was aching. Still ignorant about the slithering pain. Too tired to think, he struggles but finally goes to sleep. He wakes up in the morning and stumbles down to his only bath. He finds the mirror along his path, lifts his chin and gazes at the glass. Staring into the void of himself, a beast stares back at him. He flips out about what he had just seen. His skin was covered in fur, and his teeth were sharp like knives. There was it again, as he bundles over, the furious pain. He lifts his sleeve. There were three red deep scratches on his arm. The beast had his devilish bark. Fear gave birth in him.
He runs back to the old green brown shop , and looks for the owner. All he finds was the beast, both creatures standing eye to eye and he knew, his soul was marked to the devil. Their fury reached a high. The shop owner shows up after all this, smiles and says “Welcome to the pack, my son!”