There are people that believe in God, and there are people that don’t. There are people like us who are agnostic. And what I want to say is that it’s okay.
We admit that we, at times, make fun of the religious folk, but it’s never because of what they believe in. It’s just that some act a certain way that is…funny, to put it politely. But we’ll shift our focus to the atheist today. Especially the ones that scream out at every moment that there is no God, and that you are absolute idiots for believe in them.

It’s not going to change any side; they just want to show that they are different. If you are truly comfortable in your opinions, you don’t need to shout it out. Go anywhere, and you’ll find that one person, either agitated, waiting for that one thing that he thinks differentiates him, or shouting it out. Desperately wanting to stand out. If he didn’t, would he really need to shout?
And we understand, you think that there is no God. Okay. What else do you need? A medal?

If you do win the argument against a religious person, what do you think is going to happen? Will they be happier that something they believed in all their life, is suddenly gone? What do you think is going to happen if so many people in the world, who are just living with their faith in God, the belief keeping them strong, suddenly stop believing? It would be like taking away the glue that is holding something together.


Religion can be toxic, but it can also be saving. If not by a grand person sitting in the sky, just because of their belief. And aren’t most of us trying to get through? If you think this is it, the only life, that the energy that doesn’t die, will not have a conscious, there would be nothing, shouldn’t you be more careful about life?