There was a time where everyone used to make fun of the Jehovah’s witness. How they would ask for a moment to talk about our lord and savior, in those lines exact. But I would like to bring your attention to a new problem. What is it with all these new-age pro cannabis warriors? Hey, indulge in whatever you want, at your own risk. And congratulations to California for legalizing weed. But these warriors, always be quick to tell you that weed is better than alcohol or cigarettes. Everything can be good or bad, in the end, it’s what you want to do. They just seem to want acceptance for than anything.

Just like how not all Jehovah’s witness aren’t the same, but the majority are, it’s the same with the dirty hair, anti-establishment talk with no real facts to back it up, which could have been found with some research, and never going through a discussion before telling you to ‘try some weed brooo’. In those exact words. With the same drawl on the bro.




Albeit harmless, it’s funny to see so many trying to be different, not original or who they are, but different than the ‘sheep’ or the ‘herd’. And yet, you can see them in the same place, mostly with one or two things with the weed symbol on it, and talking the same way.


Much like Jehovah’s witness, their number keeps growing. Not the ones smoking, mind you, we are all for whatever you wish to do, but the ones that scream and shout. What is it? Is it people trying to fit in somewhere? Trying to be a part of a label. Just like most of these religious ‘happy clappies’, these people try to offer you an ‘elixir’, the cure for everything. ‘Depressed? Here you go, have a joint’. Don’t get me wrong, there are been research that weed does help in certain cases.

But it’s no escape. Or maybe it does help a thinker think, a painter to paint or a writer to write. But doesn’t mean that you can’t do your thing when you’re not ‘on one’. If you feel that you aren’t yourself without it, you aren’t the same person.
The sudden spike in weed culture is more of a trend than an actual lifestyle. If you were told tomorrow that wearing a traffic cone on your head increases productivity, would you do it?  The same is with these people, they don’t know why they do it. Maybe somebody just told them they look cool.


We don’t know, maybe weed snapbacks, weed T-shirts, merchandise with the weed sign printed on them, and shouting out ‘420, blaze it!’ does make you them look cool.


Also Cali, 420 blaze it!