‘It’s not my fault.’, ‘I would be better if it was this way or that way’, ‘They don’t like me, it’s because of them’. There comes a time, a certain age, where you need to start accepting the things you have done. You need to accept where you stand. Who you are, where you are, it is because of you. Because of the choices you made.

We believe in living, and letting others live. But that does not mean that you stay weak. That does not mean that you blindly do things, follow people, follow trends and if it backfires, you say it’s them. It’s the society’s fault. It’s your boss. It’s the girl or guy you like. You cannot control everyone.


‘Be the change you want to see in the world’, it was once said by Mahatma Gandhi. And if you care about the society, you will try to change it. But we look at it differently. The world, isn’t everyone you’ve ever met. It’s your world. To be who you want in life, you need to start doing those things.
It’s not a I did not make it in this, so that’s it, I’m done. It’s if not this, what else? Life is the longest thing you’ll experience. And you cannot be you, if you don’t stand for who you are. For your dreams. For what you want to do.