How can I write a hall of shame after such a positive song? It just goes completely against what he says. So this isn’t shaming anyone. It isn’t shaming any issue either. This is a PSA to those that do not pay attention to what a song says. Yes, there is a lot more to songs than just lyrics, and yes, only judging a song on lyrics isn’t right either.
But just like any book, any quote or any saying, many songs have a meaning. There is something that the artist conveys. It can be done with the instruments, the tune or the beat. But mostly, it is done through the lyrics. It is storytelling. The kings used it to tell their grand experiences, that probably weren’t as grand.

In today’s age, not many do it better than Kendrick Lamar. But there is something different about Jermaine Cole. Not only great lyrically, but the way is chasing happiness. Not bling, not money, not the clothes, nothing that everyone else is so obsessed with. Listening to his songs, or his interviews, and you’ll find someone that deeply cares. You’ll find someone that you look at, and think, ‘He’s one of us’.


He says what we try to convey. Live and let live. Happiness is not money. Money is important but happiness is just as important, if not more. Happiness is finding joy in real things, in relationships, your parents, your siblings, your other-half or your friends. It is your hobbies that you enjoy. Working is important to sustain yourself. But just existing is no life.