For all the things we haven’t done,
From counting stars to staring the sun.
Sun and stars were quite the same,
In our times of lives we called insane.
A million soul crossed it’s path,
From work to home in our head’s own wrath.
Ignorance built around the cosmic meet,
We didn’t even smile, let alone greet.
So as to say about the rantings of hearts,
And a trickster with a hat who pulled out cards.
Chances were that he guessed them right,
Not with our hearts but with the cards in sight.
Another day was just one of our times
when we promised to love and sound like the chimes,
Chimes that moved with the force of a storm
and had nothing to say while we were still warm.
Times will change with our lives inside,
Someone in that shore will see the same old tide.
A tide that once flushed away all our prints,
With a big blue ocean and a full moon prince.
While we wondered about what all this meant
We got out of us where each of us spent
Spent all our wondrous times of our lives
Feeling like all those bees in their hives.
Let flowers bloom itself into a shine,
Let us forget to pluck it and tell that it’s mine.
Let the sun and the stars have their places in skies
While we look at each other with love in our eyes.