Oh, he’s just being a kid. When was the last time anyone heard that from a ‘professional’? Why is everyone so intent on pointing something wrong in a kid. ‘He is just so unhappy, doesn’t want to go to school, and he comes back not wanting to go to his hundred tuition lessons. He is eight years old, how will he make it in life?’ With parents like those, he just might not.

‘She is just so quiet; she likes to read rather than play the guitar, which was something I always wanted to do. My parents never got me those guitar lessons, but I am trying to give her a better life. Why is she not interested?’
Maybe she is just weird. Being different from someone else, that sounds insane. Maybe she is insane. Who knows? But at least you can get to know why they are the way they are before you start telling them they have problems.


Is being brilliant in academics, no, is being an ‘acceptable’ member of the society, the only sign of being successful? Why does an artist only have to paint? Why can’t he be a poet?

Don’t get me wrong, mental problems are real and very, very have dangerous. People are tackling such problems. Kids also face them. But is drugging them or telling them from an early age that something is wrong with them, the answer? They themselves don’t know what is what. They are trying. I suppose we all are.