‘I am not superstitious’ is the sharp retort from anyone who is asked ‘Are you superstitious?’, but he will surely be lying. The louder the denial, the more is his superstition confirmed. The sentiment of superstition is universal, and no one is immune to this epidemic.
A large number of men and women are dressed in their most modern, up to date, bespoke suits, gowns or hip new jeans; whatever the latest fad may be. All this and yet, there they are with their magic necklaces and magic rings to ward off evil spirit, to bring good luck and to protect them.

What does this all go to show? One might say that it is meaningless superstitions and people who believe them only befool themselves, becoming the laughing stock. In an ideal world, nobody would care. Do what you need to, to make yourself or whoever gave you the magic items; some peace of mind.

The worst of it, there are these kind of people who make fun of each other’s superstition, and proving that their superstition, in which they believe is right and the other is wrong.


Nonetheless superstitions can make for some comic actions by some. If a cat was to cross one’s path, he would either try to be quick enough to pass on before the cat does, or he would try his best to change the direction of the cat or he himself would wound round. If anyone was to see him performing these monkey tricks, he will try to come up with some excuse for doing so. Cats are lovely creatures but somehow, we seem to be scared of them.

Superstition is born of ignorance and perhaps no argument can be advanced in its defense and favor. Even the people who otherwise seem quite right with their brains, and even though they are highly educated, bow to superstition. The best sportsperson, some of the greatest scientist and some of the most known people, were all superstitious. Perhaps there may be some to it.

Superstition can encourage fatalism by creating more faith in chance than in work. Giant feel dwarfed before men, and blinded by superstition, the knights feel dastardly cowards. But on the flip side, if it gives you a peace of mind to do what you need to do, and as long as you are not screaming in everyone’s ear about it, why not?