Imagine if all the stories you were told were true. No debates, no beliefs; they were all true. There is a God, a supreme being that will come down to Earth on judgement day. The sky would part for him, the ground would shatter and there would be an ever present light. He is here.

We all bow to him, but when have we ever been united? I have no doubts there would be some against him. Another war, in a different shape. Changed, yet ever so similar.
As he passes his judgement, will there be none that think that he has a lot to answer for? The wars waged in his name, the crimes, the famines and the ones that faced a fate worse than death. Would he also be judged? Perhaps he is just a parent, and you can’t blame him for the sins of his creation. And also, who would and could judge him?

I do not know about judgement, but I do know that in each mythology, there is death. And death comes for all. It just sees the time.
And what about the Lord’s judgement? If we are all his creation, can he blame us for being us? Were we not born with predatory instinct? The instinct to not only survive, but thrive?


There are so many questions, so many directions this can take, and all of the possibilities only after agreeing that there is a supreme being. Not a creator, not a power but an all mighty. Let alone the fact that there might be no higher power.