Think of our life’s journey as a climb. There we are, with billions of other people, all climbing a mountain. We all have a rope, strengthened or weakened by moments, by people and by life. We all climb and feel euphoric, we all fall and feel beaten. Every one of us.

Then why are so many of us trying to pull people down? From what I see, bullying comes from a place of insecurity. You try to feel better at the expense of others. But you never know how strong or weak that rope is. Sure, you pull him down and he is strong enough to survive. But what if the rope breaks? What if you pull someone down, and there is nothing to save him? On a small thing like his pants or how he talks? On the color of his skin or the God he prays to?

You like the color blue? Well, you suck. I think you are the worst of the worst. Only people who like yellow are the true people of this world. The saviors that will go to have drinks with the umbrella and the twirling straws, laying on a lounge chair. If you like blue, well, you will burn forever. Sorry, that’s how it is. Does this make sense to you?
Then why is Gay rights still an ‘issue’? Why is wanting one of those drinks I just said a problem for people? Why is just living a problem for someone else?

He disrespected your religion? My God, he mocks all the religions, so I think it’s very much time for you to join hands with ISIS or get the old band together and start crusading, probably behead, crucify or burn him alive. I’m sure god hopes you understand sarcasm someday.


It’s so simple in my mind. You do your own thing. As long as no one else is getting hurt, just do what you want. Live, we’re all going to die anyway.