Who is God? Is he sitting on a golden throne wearing robes made of divine silk, driving a car that can fly and travel at lightyears per second? Isn’t God meant to be a power? Isn’t he supposed to be redemption and heaven at once? So would he really wear bling and pout?

Then what is it with people treating other people like Gods? The world we see around us. The world where we so desperately want to be someone, that we will look to anyone or anything that stands out. The famous people, liking, following and watching, trying to imitate other people? Not for entertainment, but to change themselves. Following people who show a different life, perhaps in movies, TV shows or social media.

The Kardashians are amazing entrepreneurs, but how are the they so famous? Why is it that if Kanye posts anything, there will be millions copying his style. In a bid to become someone else, everyone is just becoming copies after copies.

What is wrong with the world today? What is this obsession with looking fair? Like being fair is a certain advantage? Foolishly, it’s the opposite in other parts of the world. You’re white already, they can’t sell you fairness creams. If you’re tan, they can’t sell you tanning. Advertisements and the media keep bombarding you with the idea that you are not ‘perfect’. People on mediums will shout how they are living this life because of this product, or that product.

Many rappers lease their cars. They rent houses. Dan Bilzerian pays women to be in his photos. Kanye West isn’t famous because of his shoes, it’s because of his talent. Just by dressing like him won’t make you him. They make you believe that their product is what you need. It’s like their product gives you an advantage. It’s the key to happiness, until they find a new product.

And all this while, they are becoming Gods. Isn’t God a feeling? Isn’t he meant to be redemption and heaven at once? Isn’t God someone who helps you in your time of need? A doctor, a song, a talk, a helping hand or anything at all.