The US Presidential elections have always been big. The whole world’s eyes are on them. The US Presidential elections decide on the next leader of the only superpower in the world, a country whose influence is all over the world, bar a few countries.

So for me to say that these elections have been less electing the next leader and more, a cheap rip off of House of Cards, doing everything that Frank Underwood wouldn’t, mixed with Gossip Girl is an understatement. While there is an obvious better choice in the upcoming election, both aren’t great choices.
Why? Because we will target ISIS. What do I mean? I forgot what I meant. I am not held responsible for it, am I? Where am I going with this? It’s just locker room talk, it’s just one of those things. Or maybe I’m just lying and laughing it off.

At this point a person has to wonder if the Comedy Central’s roast of Donald trump ever really ended. Admittedly, the man hasn’t been smart about his whole approach to the campaign (or has he?). The man we are talking about, is the very same man who ran his casino business to the ground. Think about it. Donald Trump bankrupted a Casino business. This man will make America great again.

While the working of Hilary Clinton, with the DNC, the Clinton Foundation and the emails make a shady casino look like a place of God.

Anyone who saw the debate would agree that the bar for farce in American politics is being raised every year. It was more like two children who were made to debate in a classroom for being a class president. The way they have been attacking each other is like a scene straight out Mean Girls.

Let’s not hide behind your preference, both, Trump and Hilary are villains. While it is clear who may be the greater villain, it’s obvious that both of them are not presidential standard.