Views from the moon. The world, it’s people, the music, the food and the drinks all seem different from up here. You forget about the hard, cold and deceitful world. You forget about others obsessions, whether you enjoy what they do or not. We, on the moon don’t care about who you are or what you do.

This is an escape. It’s a place for thinkers, the creators, be it actually creating things or just fantasies in their mind. We are all creators, just lacking the stimulation. How long can you stay in your box before wanting an escape?
We are looking around us from a place far away. We are looking at the world revolving and rotating from the moon. We are watching everyone rush, ourselves included, but we all need a moment in our day to go back to that place where we are free. Free to be alone, free to be with people, free to think, free to shut off our mind and just consume; here, we are at a place away from the world you live in, a place where you want to be.