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Nintendo’s Rainbow Road To Heaven

With all the hype for the launch of Nintendo Switch, we couldn’t help think about a company that has captured, and been an integral of many childhoods, with characters that have become your friends, without even knowing them or them... Continue Reading →


What is Success?

We are all seeking it, in one way or the other, but we never ask what is it that we are looking for. What is success? You wake up, you do what you’re meant to, be it school, college, or... Continue Reading →

Of The Day – It’s Something

All I can do is sit and be in awe of the talent in front of me. The beautiful speech by Will Smith, and J. Cole doing what he does best, telling me a story. The picture makes a little... Continue Reading →

Grammy is a Joke

Grammys is not an award ceremony for everyone. It does not celebrate talent or art, but resorts to the top charts and most views on YouTube. We talked about it more on here. The image above are the texts sent... Continue Reading →

Of The Day – Hey

It's been awhile, hasn't it? Say hello to the new and improved site. It may seem that we have changed, but our soul is the same. With the Grammy in mind, we have dedicated our first post to Chance The... Continue Reading →

Of The Day – Breathtaking

There are things  in life you can't describe, whether you see it, hear it, touch it or feel it, it simply takes your breath away. Here are two of those moments. Song: Video:

Of The Day – Fiasco

I have thought about what to write on this song for a long time, and I simply can't come up with anything that Lupe Fiasco himself doesn't rap about. So play the song, click here to open the lyrics and enjoy.... Continue Reading →

Illuminance – New Year Resolutions

Before anything else, we at Moon And Past would like to wish you all a happy new year and that you have a great year ahead. While we are at this subject, let’s talk about new year resolutions. We all... Continue Reading →

Of The Day – New Years

This new year, let's not try to be more realistic or idealistic. Let's just try to be happier, shall we? Song: Video: Photo:

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